Today alone, one day before the closing date for applications for the DBREV scholarship for 2010/2011, at least 10 applications have come in.  I expect more tomorrow.

So far, the following people have submitted.  I don't envy the panel!

  1. Ranen Naidoo
  2. Alicia Perumal
  3. Margie Biggs
  4. Cobus Kotze
  5. Johan Kok
  6. Mikail Ansari
  7. Malatji Pholoso
  8. Christina Trautmann
  9. Jacqui Crozier
  10. Gordon Kernick
  11. Shiba Adhikari
  12. Nicole Nsegbe
  13. Kudzai Simbanegavi
  14. Constantin Irabaruta
  15. Katie Gull
  16. Gaby Coppez
  17. Mithun Kalan

Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to apply and as we can only award one person a scholarship and all of you obviously have a strong desire to embrace a future in Renewable Energy, I'd like to wish all of you the very best for the future.

Dave Gale