Oison Tummon was a close contender for the DBREV scholarship.  He approached me recently asking for assistance in securing some work experience until August 2010.  I suggested he draft an "ad" to be placed here.  If you think you can assist him, please contact him directly - his details you will find below.

To all in the Renewable Energies Sector

I have recently found my passion and vocation in life;  I am desperately keen to develop sustainable energy in South Africa.  I am passionate about sustainable energy production and intend pursuing a career in this field. To this end, I have applied to a number of master's courses in sustainable energy engineering, at top international universities.  As these programs only begin in mid-August next year, I am seeking employment over the next seven months, more specifically from January 2010 to August 2010.   I will graduate on 14 December 2009 with BSc (Eng) 1st Class in Mechanical Engineering from UCT.

I am looking for any form of experience in the development of renewable energy systems in South Africa.  The emphasis for me would be on my development through a contribution to projects being run as opposed to short term financial gain.  I am a hard working individual and would consider working for a very competitive salary if offered an opportunity.  I have some good work experience and have good references. I believe I can contribute in a wide range of areas and am very keen to contribute to development in this sector. 

I believe I have a good grounding with my degree and am eager to learn further.  I strive for quality in everything I do and believe in the importance of professionalism.  I have good computer skills and am confident in a range of programs. 

I would greatly appreciate if you would give some consideration, to whether I could be of some service to you over this period.  I would of course give serious thought to working for you after my masters, should this be to our mutual benefit.   I am available for interview at your convenience.

Oisin Tummon

Tel:   +27 (0)21 6855337
          +27 (0)21 7972810
Cell:  +27 (0)83 3579949