The selection panel did not have any easy time of it, despite having developed a scoring system which included not only academic track record but alignment to DBREV goals, appreciation of the technical and social aspects of RE, and level of commitment, among other factors.

The points separating the final candidates were not that disparate, but in the end Gaby Coppez's involvement in community work and affinity for teaching clinched it.  The Board of Trustees would like to extend warm congratulations to Gaby and wish her all the best for the years ahead as we support her in starting a career in Renewable Energy.  We'd also like to thank all those who went to the effort of applying and are obviously committed to careers in Renewable Energy; we'd love to be able to extend financial and mentorship aid to far more then one person, but at this early stage, we cannot.  May we encourage you to stay in touch, join us in whatever forum discussions and events we stage, and consider applying again next year.

Dave Gale

The following press release has been sent out to a number of publications today:

Renewable Energy Trust nurtures intellectual capital.

Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Trust awards first scholarship 

Cape Town – [2009/11/09]

Gabrielle Coppez, a young engineering graduate of UCT is the first recipient of the Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision (DBREV) scholarship for post-graduate study in Renewable Energy.  The scholarship will cover fees and living expenses for a two year period at a South African university, with additional funding for equipment, field work and research related travel.

The DBREV Trust, formed in memory of the late Dr Doug Banks, intends to award the scholarship on an annual basis to a young graduate who exhibits not only strong academic ability, but a passion for realising the potential of renewable energy in meeting Africa's energy needs.  By stimulating the intellectual capital in the local Renewable Energy sector, the DBREV Trust hopes to perpetuate the vision of Dr Banks for greater use of appropriate and sustainable energy supplies, particularly in rural areas.   The thing that really excites me about this is that it’s not just about funding someone’s studies, but that it’s about them being mentored, about them catching the dream, about them seeing how other people are already involved in this area and learning from them. I think that that makes this a really special scholarship” Coppez enthuses.  Dave Gale, chairman of the DBREV Trust confirms this;  “a diverse group of renewable energy experts, some of whom knew Doug well, have committed themselves to make time available to give guidance and encouragement to the recipient.”  Many of the nearly 30 applicants stated that it was this in particular which drew them to the scholarship. 

Coppez (24) graduated with honours from UCT in 2006 with a BSc (Mechatronics).  She has been employed since then as an Automation and Instrumentation Engineer with Marine and Mineral Projects in Cape Town.  Through her community work with The Warehouse, a Cape Town based non-profit organisation and outreach work in Rwanda, Ms Coppez came to see the potential for renewable energy to impact on the lives of the disadvantaged in Africa.

We are confident that in Gabrielle, we have found someone who will pick up the torch that Doug carried and carry the flame.  The selection panel were impressed by the quality of the applicants.  “The contest between the final shortlist was tight”, reports Gale, “but it was Gabrielle's track record with community work, her empathy for rural Africa and her willingness to in turn mentor others that clinched it for her”.

Ms Coppez will be registering for a thesis based MSc at UCT.  She intends developing a modelling tool to assist in determining the most appropriate mix of renewable energy solutions in any given rural area.  She will be expected to publish the results of her work during the course of her studies, and participate in the annual Doug Banks Memorial lecture, as well as being involved in relevant projects which will enhance and support her research.

The DBREV mentorship programme has yet to be finalised, with the Trust exploring various options for developing and expanding this resource.  To date, funds have been donated by private individuals, the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES), the Anglo American Chairman's fund, E+Co, Restio Energy, SetSolar and Kraftwork.  Anyone wishing to contribute through mentorship or funding should contact the Trust through their website (