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SA's thin-film solar tech at commercial stage

Posted by Dave Gale on Tuesday, October 13, 2009,
The Mail and Guardian have a short report indicating some progress with TFST's Paarl plant.

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How some energy-savvy South Africans have already taken the grid-free leap

Posted by Dave Gale on Saturday, October 3, 2009,
Alix Clark spotted this article on Engineering News.

If we get many more 40% yoy price hikes from Eskom and the price of PV, inverters and battery banks start coming down, I'm going to start looking seriously at the option of moving off the grid!  ~R300k remains a bit steep for the Average Joe.

Great to see some work being done in this area.

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Final Candidate list

Posted by Dave Gale on Saturday, October 3, 2009,
Members of the selection panel are now poring over 27 submissions from a very diverse group of people - all of them showing a degree of passion for Renewable Energy.  As expected there were some 11th hour submissions.  The Board did agree that we be a little flexible with the deadline, but I think we're done now as it is not fair on either the panel (who have a lot reading to do) or those who made the effort to submit on time.  We should have at least a shortlist by 16 October 2009 and be abl...
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