SANEA Young Energy Researchers Award!

Every year, SANEA call for nominations for their "Young Energy Researchers Award".

In April 2018, DBREV nominated 2014 DBREV Scholar Kimenthrie Pillay.

Kim is currently Director and Consultant at Thrie Energy Collective, a young, innovative, and passionate sustainable consulting agency that works with businesses, organizations, and local government to help improve the sustainability of energy practices, enhance understanding of the needs of communities, and advance the potential for technology and development to thrive in Africa

In July we found that she had been shortlisted and invited to the gala event in Joburg at the end of August. As if that wasn't enough, she went on to win the award! 

The Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision is a South African initiative aimed at building intellectual capital in the field of Renewable Energy. 

Dr Doug Banks was a man who was passionate about meeting Africa's energy challenges through the development of Renewable Energy. Through a deep understanding of people and technology, Doug was able to speak to and shape national renewable energy policies.  A number of young professionals owe their career choice to Doug's enthusiastic mentorship. 

This initiative is set on finding undergraduate students, preferably from an engineering, scientific or technical background who are willing and able to carry forward Doug's passion and vision.

The Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Trust has been formed by friends and colleagues of Dr Doug Banks who, after his untimely death in July 2008, decided to create something that would become a legacy of a truly remarkable man.

SANEA Awards

More information as well as the photographs of the award winners and a gallery of all the photographs of the 2018 SANEA ENERGY AWARDS event can be viewed at: 

Well done Kim - a feather in your cap and very proud Friends of DBREV we are!

Contact details -    email :,    post: P.O.Box 13022, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7705, South Africa  


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