DBREV in partnership with SANEA are hosting an evening meeting on Wednesday 16 May 2018 17:30 in Bellville, at which 4 young researchers will discuss their research projects using the approach of

“What my research means for Society”

The meeting will be moderated by Dave Wright, Secretary General of SANEA and Davin Chown, Chair of SAPVIA will open the meeting with introductory comments.

Each researcher will be given 10 minutes to explain the benefits of their research, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.

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The Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision is a South African initiative aimed at building intellectual capital in the field of Renewable Energy. 

Dr Doug Banks was a man who was passionate about meeting Africa's energy challenges through the development of Renewable Energy. Through a deep understanding of people and technology, Doug was able to speak to and shape national renewable energy policies.  A number of young professionals owe their career choice to Doug's enthusiastic mentorship. 

This initiative is set on finding undergraduate students, preferably from an engineering, scientific or technical background who are willing and able to carry forward Doug's passion and vision.

The Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Trust has been formed by friends and colleagues of Dr Doug Banks who, after his untimely death in July 2008, decided to create something that would become a legacy of a truly remarkable man.

SANEA Energy Rendezvous

The 4 young researchers and their research topics are:

DBREV scholar Kyle Swartz – REIPPPP’s Socio Economic Development Potential

DBREV scholar Chantelle Janse van Vuuren – Incorporating Wind & Sun – Energy for the Long Run

Giresse Franck Noudjiep Djiepkop– Reconfiguration of a Feeder Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources to benefit a Power Utility and Society

Rissa Niyobuhungiro – Cleaner Production Approach to Roadside Catering in Urban Africa

Contact details -    email :,    post: P.O.Box 13022, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7705, South Africa  


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